Carlos lived with his dad until he was five years old. One night he was stolen out of bed with out his dad knowing he was held at an institute for a year in which they did mental and physical experiments to him making him develop his dual mind skill which also turned his eyes from brown to a dark blue color having a light blue ring around them which glows every time he splits his mind. Having been busted out of the institute by a clown named Pierre which then became his mentor and thought him how to fight using the slime style a free form type of fighting which holds no form like a slime making him be able to attack at the most unexpected of places and defend in unexpected stances. He was with Pierre for around four years in which Pierre thought him everything he knew and also took him around the world to learn how to use swords, knife, hand to hand combat, guns, bows, all types of weapons finishing his training Pierre named him Jester Jack or JJ for short giving him a plain white mask which being enchanted by magic its indestructible and only Carlos can take it off the make is made up of two J over each eye and a thing horizontal line over the mouth which smiles and frowns if Carlos is frowning of smiling. After that Pierre dropped him off with a wear wolf who thought Carlos how to fend for himself in the wild teaching to hunt his pray and kill it which is why Carlos chases people on all fours as that's how he was thought, he can keep up with a pack of wolfs running on all fours at full speed, Carlos was with the wolf for two years. After that Carlos met Lina and they where partners for a while until Carlos was 15 they worked together for 3 years now Carlos is 21 and he's been at camp since he was 16 living there protecting the campers and helping out where he can.