The one of dark
The one of light
You have the bark
While she has the might
When she rest in the bed
You must hurry
Before she's dead
And you be furied

–Daniel, Son of Ares

Getting to CampEdit

Um...well...I wouldn't really call it getting to camp...more like escaping Tartarus, the ones who took me out of that horrid place was Max and Mel. You see, I did something really's better not to talk about it. Anyway, before they came and got me out, I was there down on my knees with my wrists and ankles chained up due to my um...behavior. When I was thinking about everything that I have done in my life, regretting it, I suddenly sensed a bag over my head. I didn't know whom was it but then I got teleported to some sort of house. That is how I met Max and reunited with my childhood friend

Fusion Edit

For all of you who don't know what fusions are, it is when two or more beings of some sort are to combine their physical and mental attributes to become one single entity, for their minds became one and so do their hearts become one. But as for their gender. It depends on them whom the being should be a male of female.Once you choose that gender, you are stuck with it. Now, I first fused a few days ago, it was with Mel and myself. We were getting ready for a party. Since I was waiting on a pie, I decided to go and hug Mel. But something else happened, (Max shrunk me a little bit) but after that, we fused. Into a 6ft person we call Del, Del was mixed with curly hair and both of our eyes which were blue.

Now I believe fusions were meant for battle or deadly situations such as attacks on camp or facing an evil god/goddess.

Anyways, when you fuse, it feels like you're not alone. Ever. You become one person, you'll literally be a walking relationship.

Ghoul Edit

Ghouls are a specius of human like creatures that feast on human flesh. Gross, I know. But, I wasn't always this way, I was once human but one day when I was eight years old, I did something to tick off Ares so he punished me by turning me into a ghoul. After that, any food I ate tasted disgusted and made me throw up but yeah. Most of the time, my eyes are blue, they only turn red when I'm angry or hungry.

Anyways, my mother is human. She's a veteran and after dad changed me into this..thing, she kicked me out which sucked. I lived near Mel until I was 11 becuase when I was 11, I was taken away to be chained up in the underworld. I haven't heard from mother even since. The only person who reminds me of a mother is Blu. I'm not sure what she thinks of me though haha.

So yeah, that explains that.