≿ Abilities ≾Edit

Mermaid- Triton has been described to have the appearance of a merman, Being a demigod child of him Devon had learned to possess the same ability though she has no control over it. When touched by water she has only a count down before she is turned. She wears a crystal necklace that glows in warning

Speed Swimming - As a mermaid and daughter of the messenger god she is able to swim at incredible speeds

Hydrokinesis - The ability to manipulate and control any type of water at will

Thermo-endurance - She has the ability to endure temperatures far more extreme than would be survivable for a normal human (especially with her build)⊰

Ability 5.) Rapid Adaptability

Ability 6.) Aquapathy - Devon is capable of speaking with aquatic life. She retains her ability to understand and communicate with aquatic/marine creatures

Ability 7.) Fear Inducement - like her father, Devon has the ability to evoke fear and horror in others, channeled through her conch shell whistle . - she produced "such a cacophony" through blowing the whistle that it frightened them a way "They imagined it to be the roar of a dark wild beast" (Note: Brave hearts can overcome this /Illuision is broken if the whistle is seen blown /Better at a distance)