In the beginning, there was indeed the Homlets. Then a few thousand years later there came the Eìdos. The first Eìdos was a evil and power hungry man who's name was Dýnami. He was heartless and very cruel. The Eìdos and the Homlets were against each other for territory and such. Many years later, they became smarter and became advanced which made they became even more dangerous. Until finally, a son of Demeter named Lámpsi Eidos came along and didn't want to be evil like his relatives. Instead he became the first good person there, later on in his life when he became the age of twenty, he did something to please Hephaestus so Hephaestus became fond of Lámpsi so he blessed him with the ability to build so he decided to build Elpis for the future generations of Eìdos. By the time he finished, he passed away while siting in a rocking chair enjoying the peaceful wind. After that, there wasn't much evil in the whole family. 50% decided to be villians. 30% decided to be heroes. While the last 10% decided to be spies for a reason unknown.


°Able to control fire, Greek fire, and Blue fire because of Hephaestus blessing.


°Able to control water and air based on their birthmark.

°Able to control harvest because of Lámpsi being a son of Demeter.

°Able to use to wind to fly

°Able to sit on clouds because of Katharós' ability

° Can breathe underwater because Eìdos have a connection with water for some reason also unknown.

°Lastly very Eìdos has hidden abilities that are unknown.


°Each Eìdos has a weakness metal and or gem for unknown reasons and each are different. For Dýnami, it is tungsten for future reasons. For Katharós, it is titanium. If that metal is stabbed into either their heart or their lower abdomen, they are to die.

Extra InformationEdit

Certain Eìdos are able to summon things but if they summon things a lot then there powers would disappeares for either a few weeks or possibly a year.

Also since Dýnami is the first Eìdos ever, he can persuade and or control any Eìdos that is alive. If he success then he can control that person. He may also control any other person if he can sense the person is on fear or sadness.


Every Eìdos has a rage mode. When they enter it, their eyes would glow yellow, the same color as their birthmark. If you happen to be near them then step awake slowly if you run then they'll kill you on the spot. The only way to calm them is to give them time away for a few minutes.