Long RangeEdit

Bullseye Bow and ArrowEdit

Bullseye is my enchanted bow from my father Apollo. It is made of several layers of Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold, Imperial Gold being its top layer. But it's as light as a feather. It reappears on my back like Percy's pen in his pocket.
Max Gear - Bullseye


It has three drawstrings so I can nock multiple arrows at a time. It's quiver has four sections:

  • Fire Arrows
  • Poison Arrows
  • Sonic Arrows
  • Explosive Arrows

As I pull out an arrow I can also command it to be another type of arrow:

  • Blunted tip
  • Celestial Bronze tip
  • Regular iron tip

It has infinite ammo and when an arrow is put back in it it multiplies. In the mist it can appear as a:

  • Satchel
  • Sash with Greek Inscription:

"Ταύροι μάτι" "Bulls eye"

Cattleman RevolverEdit

The Cattleman Revolver is an old revolver dating back to the Wild West. It's my favorite pistol and sits on my Toolbelt. It's ammo sits in my Double Bandolier.
Max Gear - Cattleman Revolver

Repeater CarbineEdit

The Repeater Carbine is an old rifle dating back to the Wild West. It's my favorite rifle and sits on my Toolbelt. It's ammo sits in my Double Bandolier.
Max Gear - Repeater Carbine


Elpis is a Bow and Arrow given to me by my sister, Tionna. Elpis is the name of the hope spirit in the myth of Pandora's Box. Elpis means hope.


Luminos SwordEdit

Luminos is my sword. Forged by Hephaestus and blessed by both Hephaestus and Apollo. It is now fireproof and cannot be melted, and radiates light. Its blade heats up on command to the heat of the sun.
Max Gear - Luminos

Though Bullseye is layers of Imperial Gold and Celestial Bronze, Luminos is fused between the two, the Imperial Gold spots shining while the Celestial Bronze parts glow. The handle is made of sun rock for easy summoning. In its hilt is inscribed the words "Ελαψηρηζ" meaning "Light".


Sol ChariotEdit

Sol is a Sun Chariot from Apollo. It is impossible for a Child of Apollo to fall off or be injured on it, but if another being is in it, it can fall out if a Child of Apollo kicks them off. It appears as flames, but is really solid light. This makes it much bigger than it appears. It can also shift and take form of whichever vehicle you need it to.
Max Gear - Sol



Nemean Lion ArmorEdit

Max Gear - Nemean Lion Armor

I made an armor out of Nemean Lion Pelt, which I used to only wear for extremely dangerous quests. But after Aphrodite, I wear it all the time now.

Double BandolierEdit

Max Gear - Double Bandolier

Double Bandolier

My Double Bandolier holds all my armor for my Cattleman Revolver and my Repeater Carbine. It is always worn