Quest Prophecy Story
Forging I went to study with Hephaestus in his forges for a month. He gave me his blessing and a magic toolbelt.
Nemean Lion I defeated the Nemean Lion by wrestling him and shoving an arrow down his throat, painfully killing him and taking the spoils of war, his pelt, and making it into a shield.
Hydra I tricked the Hydra into following me into a forest fire. I wrestled its heads into the fire and watched them burn off, since I was immune to fire.
Staff of Asclepius Because Asclepius cannot fight well, father asked me to retrieve Asclepius' stolen staff for him. Father later rewarded me with a golden Laurel Wreath.
The Apple of Hesperides

Apollo meant me and Mel to retrieve a Golden Apple from the Garden of Hesperides, and to slay the dragon whom guards it, Ladon. A feat even Heracles couldn't accomplish. Afterwards we are to bring it to him, then to Athena, and return to him.

I was originally the one supposed to do the quest, but I failed, and Mel went with me to see Apollo. He's her grandfather and she wanted to know more about her mother's side of the family, so we went to go ask him. He said he'd give her pictures if she stole a Golden Apple from the Garden of Hesperides and slayed Ladon. I, of course, accompanied her. As soon as we landed near the mountain in San Francisco we set down and had a picnic before teleporting/earthbending in. I coaxed out Ladon by insulting him and she was instructed to retrieve the Apple while he was occupied.

I sliced one of the heads off and she climbed the tree, me and Ladon then began serious combat, as I struggled to keep his attention on me so he wouldn't notice her. Somewhere through the fight I ripped off one of Ladon's heads, and he bit me while I was occupied with another one. In a blinding rage I sliced him in half and slayed him.

Catching up with Mel, we flew to Apollo to show him we recovered it, but he wouldn't heal the poison in my bite until the quest was finished. We had to bring it to Athena.

Bringing the apple to Athena on Mount Olympus, she saw my injury. Because of my love for her daughter, Annie, she healed me and teleported us back to Apollo with Sol. He approved, saying we did a good job. She gave Mel her pictures and we went home.

Helm of Darkness Hades sent me on a quest to retrieve his Helm of Darkness.
The Kiss ucy killed Annie and said she would die in 24 hours unless someone showed a strong act of love for her. Jordan, the one whom Annie truly loved, was not available at the time. Therefore it was up to me, the one who loved her, to save her.

After much negotiation with Lucy, I finally cracked. I admitted I loved Annie and I kissed her. But it was a trick. Instead of saving her, I sent her to Tartarus. Lucy tricked me.

Tartarus 1

When Lucy (one of Arachne's minions at the time) killed Annie, I went on a quest to save her. After killing Lucy, I stabbed myself in the gut and wound up in Tartarus. I found her hiding behind a Dalek, shivering. I slayed the Dalek and rescued her and carried her through Tartarus, I soon gave her Προστατευτικό. We came upon Damasen's shack. We thought it was empty. When he came back I hid her under the bed and grabbed my bow in case he wasn't friendly. Annie came out and asked Damasen to help us. He healed Annie while I stayed watch. Eventually he agreed to help us escape in exchange for Bullseye. He said we'd have better luck finding Persephone's Pearls than the doors of death. So naturally, we went for the pearls.

We found Hades' palace and snuck in through a vent, due to Bullseye's powers, it reappeared on my back and provided light. While I distracted Hades' with a Sonic Arrow, she sneaked over to Persephone to ask her for her pearls.

Little did we know, Kim died and came looking for Annie, and Morz came with her for protection. Persephone agreed to give us the pearls but she only had three. They wouldn't regenerate for another few centuries. I gave Morz, Kim, and Annie the pearls and I stayed behind.

Hades caught me, and since I helped him recover his Helm of Darkness, he sent me back to camp with a slightly annoyed wave of his hand.

Tartarus 2
To return a love you must sacrifice one,
Dark days come for the Son of the Sun,
To return with success but failure in the end,
A broken heart one shall end
Morz had an evil spirit named Spectre possess him. Lucy betrayed us and helped Spectre. They nearly killed me and Annie. But I killed Lucy first (much to Morz' disagreement and disappointment). Lucy inhabited Annie though, and we had to bargain for her back. We went to Tartarus to find her. We had no Aphrodite kids, so we brought a Hecate kid to work magic and charmspeak and convince Lucy into giving Annie back in exchange for Lucy's resurrection.

Annie's spirit disappeared, so I went to Mount Olympus to seek Athena for guidance in search of Annie. Athena offered no help but gave me her blessing. Whilst returning, Hermes sought me out on my journey back to camp. He said to me, Annie has been captured by one of my father's greatest enemies. One who has been caused much grief by my father and has nothing to lose. After thinking for a bit, I finally deducted that he meant Niobe. I hurried to a deserted Archery range in New York, NY and found Niobe with Annie's spirit. Niobe said to me

"Your father has caused me grief beyond imagination, he stole my family pride. For that, I shall break his Favorite Son, by taking the one he loves. By breaking his favorite, I shall have taken my revenge."

Battling Niobe, I killed her, but she injured me badly. A huge gash across my chest. Morz and Val showed up, releasing Annie's spirit and driving me back to camp in Sol. I was bandaged and recovered.

Leviathan Morz found a Leviathan egg, which he wished to return to Poseidon. I gave him a ride on Sol and Poseidon blessed us.
Caverns 1 Sensing dark energy, me, Annie, and Mel went underground Apollo cabin seeking it out. It ended up being Morz with a Dark Aura. Upon meeting him, things went downhill. He used light to blind Annie, and stabbed Mel with a sword after she gave us a portal out. Back at camp, I healed Annie's sight, and with my last remaining energy, healed Mel when she came back throught a portal.
Caverns 2 A little more prepared now, we journeyed back into The Caverns and found Morz again, where he gave me a sword and left making the tunnel collapse. Mel made another portal and sent me and Annie through it. No injuries.
Aphrodite and Death

After being told by a voice in my head that Annie didn't love me, my father gave me my life prophecy, which promised a short and painful life for other's gain. Between these two things happening I wasn't in the best state of mind.

I decided that the Gods were selfish and arrogant. That the Demigods were destined to take over their thrones, just as the Gods did the Titans, and the Titans did Ouranos and Gaea. That we would be better to our children. That we would not have immortality or be blinded, and we would teach our children the values of leadership.

My goal was to tear down the gods and make a new world.

Some were on my side. Others weren't. Morz believed I was on a personal vendetta against Aphrodite because of Annie. Enraged, I didn't go revolutionary as I first planned. But I did get my revenge. I traveled to Mount Olympus and found Aphrodite there alone giggling at me.

I decided she was the cruelest Goddess of all deities. She caused wars for her own entertainment, like the Trojan War, which killed billions. I found her to be more cruel than Ares or Kronos themselves. I pounced onto her throne, and plunged Luminos into her Godly heart. I kept my sword in as she struggled, and finally, became a pile of Ichor and golden dust. My colleagues showed, furious that I killed a Goddess, and tried to fight me. I spread my arms and drank as much Nectar as I could. The Godly drink of Healing burned my insides, and I was condemned to Tartarus for my crimes of killing a Goddess.

Rebirth Feeling guilty, most of my colleagues and siblings set to Tartarus to "free" me. They didn't seem to realize I was the only one to successfully rescue someone from Tartarus. They had no idea what they were doing and could not convince me to leave with them. They left for home alone.

Mel summoned my soul and asked for clues and the soul gave Morz clues. They finally deducted that someone who loved me had to save me, as I saved [nnie that way. It had to be a strong act of love. Morz saved me by hugging my body, and showing his love as a brother.

But I still was affected by what I did.

Apollo's Throne I told dad of my plans and he said he'd give me the throne for one day then we'd test my grand vision.

Per his request the first thing I did was fry Justin Bieber into a pile of ashes.

I landed the Sun Chariot successfully at the end of the day and proved that Demigods are just as able as Gods if given the chance.

Typhon 1
You shall go east
With great attempt
To find the beast
Filled with contempt

Too see the end
Before it's begun
And win your men
But not all is won

I visited my dad, Apollo, per his request. He gave me a quest saying I'd need it. He said to seek Echidna, the Mother of Deathly Beasts, who intended to storm my camp and kill my family.