Keep Moving Forward

–Katharos Eidos

Getting to CampEdit

So basically, it was one day after school, Daniel wanted to walk me home even though he is homeschooled for a reason. We were walking to the train station and while we were there, I felt this old lady keep looking our way and I heard Daniel growl. Yeah I know, growl? Yeah. So anyway, he growled inhumanly and gripped onto my hand and started to run the long way home. "Don't look back." He said. You know what I did? I glanced back and saw a fury! I yelped and picked up the pace. I could tell he was annoyed by it but didn't say anything. When we got home, Daniel looked really sad and mom, she had my stuff packed and hugged me. After mom hugged me, Daniel pecked me on the cheek and walked out silently. I was super worried, but I couldn't really say anything. She grabbed onto my shoulder and we both teleported in front of Camp Half Blood, I was confused and looked back but mom was gone. Then...all the way from camp to home, I heard my mother's scream and the sky roared.

A Little Bit About MeEdit

Okay so, if anyone would like to know, my name Katherośe is Greek for pure and my last name isn't Greek at all xD. My last name is Eìdos. Something to do with intellect like booksmart or something.

Name Language Meaning
Katherośe Greek Pure
Eìdos Greek Distincitve expression of the intellectual character.

Okay so since that is out of the way, I shall tell you more about myself! ^3^ I grew up in the South, I went to a school for troubled teenagers and while I was there I found out I was the Avatar and how I have to bring balance to the world. Which is pretty hard, also with Kako on the loose, I can barely sleep. Hopefully I'll get my job done before dinner.

I am the Head Counselor of Hades Cabin because I'm one of the most mature in the cabin.

So I guess that's pretty much it for now. Catch ya later people. ^-^