Sword from ZeusEdit

After I left from Camp Half-Blood, I walked from New York to Atlanta. After that, I used a bit of airbending to fly there but Zeus didn't want me to so I somehow snuck into a flight to Italy after that I pretty much went solo from there. When I stepped into Greece, Stheno and Euryale somehow found me and chased me until I lost them in the woods. I separated them and chopped off their heads which I wasn't proud of. Then I went up to the place where the sword was chained up. It was glowing very bright so I had to cover my eyes to get it. Once I did that, I had to go all the way back to America but I used a bit of earthbendingand a bit of airbending to get back. Once I did that, I went back to New York and went to the Empire State Building and gave the sword back to Zeus.

Poseidon's Sea HoleEdit

Poseidon asked me to go to the sea to fix up a hole that was causing chaos. So I used a bit of airbending so I may breathe underwater. After that I went back to Olympus to tell them what I did. Zeus gave me wings as a reward. Then I came back here tired as heck.

The Apple of HesperidesEdit

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