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Sun Sprites are an army of Sun Warriors commanded only by Max. They are a gift from his father Apollo to help save the camp from Typhon's invasion. There is 5,000 of them in a single legion, and they currently inhabit the garage/barracks at Pallas Phoebus. They all look exactly the same except that certain ranks have different colored sash-like stripes. When they choose to, they can dissolve into light.

Name Rank Description
Max Homlet Legatus legionis

The overall legion commander. The post was usually filled by a senator, appointed by the emperor, who held command for 3 or 4 years, although he could serve for a much longer period. In a Roman province with only one legion, the legatus was also the provincial governor. In such circumstances, the Legatus was dual-hatted as both Legion Legate and Imperial Legate. The Legion Legate also served as commander of the Auxiliary units attached to the legion though they were not formally a part of the legion's command structure.

Blu Winter Tribunus laticlavius

Named for the broad striped tunic worn by men of senatorial rank, this tribune was appointed by the emperor or the Senate. Though generally quite young and less experienced than the tribuni angusticlavii, he served as second in command of the legion, behind the legate. Because of his age and inexperience he was not the actual second in command in battle, but if the legate died he would take command of the legion. This tribunate was often a first, but optional, step in a young man's senatorial career.

Beta Second in Command of Legion Leads the Legion in the Legatus Legionis' absence, and co-ordinates the war and battle. The go-to guy for the Legatus Legionis. They have a purple stripe across their torsos like a sash.
Gamma I - X Cohort Leaders There are ten Gammas, each representing the number of their cohort. They lead the cohorts individually, and command the centurions. They have a red stripe across their torsos like a sash.
Delta I - L Centurions There are fifty Deltas, each representing the number of their century. They lead the centuries individually. They have a green stripe across their torsos like a sash.
Zeta I - MMMMCMXL Legionary pl. Legionarii There are 4,940 Zetas. They are common soldiers, and they all look exactly the same with no stripes across their torso. A contubernium is 8 Zetas, and each contubernium has their own tent, and live together on the battle field.

Name Amount of Soldiers Amount of Legions Amount of Cohorts Amount of Centuries Amount of Centurions
Legion 5,000 1 10 50 50
Cohort 500 0 1 5 5
Century 100 0 0 1 1
Contubernium 8 0 0 0 0